Today we have grown into a big Irrigation systems company that only manufactures our own Irrigation systems product and specialises in products for the irrigation industry. We strive to continually develop new and exciting Irrigation system products to help solve our customers watering problems and attend to their needs. We are based in Gauteng, and at our headquarters you can see where all our own unique designs begin for our Irrigation systems , we do all development and manufacture is done in our factory. We manufacture a large range of the best irrigation systems you can find from us, we are the sprinkler experts. We do it all like, insert fittings, Full Flow compression fittings.

Today our Irrigation systems are copied all over by scores of different manufacturers and sold by many names and in many forms. Our service is one of quality for you and whatever comes from us you will be sure to have the best Irrigation system installed. Our Irrigation systems are made of the highest possible quality and we don’t ever compromise on this aspect for the sake of price. we have done further developments of Irrigation systems over the years have led to the creation of many more Irrigation system products in Gauteng. From pipes for Irrigation systems to sprinkler assemblies and our high quality riser pipes to support the Micro-jets we install, we install the best pipe fittings you can find to last and compression fittings to join the irrigation pipes in the garden pipeline.