Our range of premium high quality Irrigation system and nylon barbed insert fittings. We have them made in black with a unique barb configuration to ensure maximum protection against UV degradation and a good leak proof seal. We are the Irrigation system place where we give to our range of Irrigation system products that compliments and completes the jet range. Our range of Irrigation systems consists of stakes and stake Assemblies, Small Bore Tubing (4mm & 5mm), Rigid Risers, Spanners and Punch Tools, Blank (goof) Plugs, various 4mm and 5mm Tubing and Riser Fittings and Adaptors.

These fittings are made from first grade acetyl material and also utilise our unique Emma barb configuration to ensure a strong leak-proof connections to the drip tube. Currently available in 12mm, 16mm and 17mm. Our range of Irrigation systems is made and developed in Gauteng specifically for our overseas market and has been made to much higher quality than any other comparable product on the market in South Africa. We are based in Gauteng, and at our warehouse we do all the Irrigation system development and manufacture Irrigation systems.

We supply the best manifold systems that are strong, versatile and easy to use system for irrigation valves and can be used in manual or automatic systems with either manual or electric solenoid valves too. We started by specialising in small Irrigation systems, and when time moved on we have developed and patented our Irrigation systems. Today our Irrigation systems are copied all over by scores of different manufacturers and sold by many names and in many forms.